Monday, 6 February 2017


She had heard a lot about the tingles a girl feels when her significant other's family comes to meet her for the first time. But it was only now that she truly understood what they meant.
As she put on her silver jhumka's, she hoped that they would like her and be accepting. She straightened out her pink and gold dupatta. She wondered what what would have to be done if the 'potential' in-laws didn't like her. Would they run away? Would they wait it out?
A little pink bindi marked the centre of her forehead. She pictures herself in a red saree with a little bit of kumkum on her hairline. She twisted her hair into a tight bun and made a note to herself to look up wedding hair tutorials on the internet.
A last lock of hair was put back into place and the adrenaline level was rising. They would be here any minute now.
She could feel the blood rushing through her veins as the sound of the car turning into the driveway alerted her. One last look in the mirror and she walked to the front door to greet the parents.
A couple of minutes into the conversation with the parents and the mother turned to her and smiled. "Let's talk about a date with both the parents. We have a wedding to plan", said the mother.
She breathed a huge sigh of relief as she smiled at her girlfriend turned fiancé sitting across from her. "We were thinking sometime in December, the weather would be great for an outdoor wedding"
This story was inspired by a Myntra advertisement on YouTube.


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