Monday, 28 November 2016


DISCLAIMER: Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, is unintentional. No feelings or hearts were intended to be harmed by this blog. The author of this blog does not support smoking but can't say the same for everybody else who relates to this post. No unwarranted judgement was made on behalf of the author in the making of this post.

The following is a list of 8 Facebook profile pictures most of us have .
1) The " I don't want to tell the world how I look" picture
This picture is usually found at the beginning of our Facebook usage. It could be anything from a pic of a cat, an anime character or if you are like me, a picture of an animated movie character that I thought looked a little like me. It is probably the picture that was our profile picture for the longest. It was also a picture uploaded as a result of a fear of the horrifying world of the internet that was instilled in us as kids.

2) The "I was a cute baby" picture
This picture was uploaded around the time we gathered the courage to dip our toes into the world of social media. It is simply the cutest picture of us as a child that our friends could potentially bring back up at a later time.

3) The "it's blurry but who cares" picture
This picture is really blurry and the truly narrow line between "highly pixelated" and "big blurry blob" is fully understood. The picture is usually beyond repair because no filter or editing can help it's existence. But we don't regret it until many clearer pictures later.

4)The " I can edit too" picture
This picture is highly edited and usually found in the phase when we realise how cool and fun editing is but are still trying to figure out how much is too much editing. The same picture would also be uploaded with different filters. It's got the "I can't even recognize myself in this picture" feature of Snapchat but way more time consuming.

5) The "I couldn't choose which picture to put so I made a collage" picture
This picture is a collage of multiple photos that were possibly taken on the same day. It is a cramped square of the same person in different scenarios or facial expressions.

6) The "honest candid" picture
This is my favorite kind and most used picture. It is usually taken after somebody says, "at candid". It is a picture that was taken with the intention of being uploaded to Facebook and every other social media.
It hides in the guise of candid and masks the million pictures that were dejected and didn'tnt make the cut.

7) The "I jumped on the social bandwagon"
This picture is usually after a significant change in the social routine of some part of the country. It could be a filter/effect/frame offered by Facebook that supports or protests against a certain phenomenon. The most common examples are the rainbow "filter" after the USA legalised gay marriage. This picture could also be a Google image that was uploaded to protest like the black circle on a white square to protest against the Delhi rape case of 2012. It is a picture inspired by the many other similar profile pictures in our walls.

8) The "I'm going to upload this picture again for the 24th time but I'm sure nobody is keeping count" picture
This is the picture we have uploaded over and over again. It is usually re-uploaded after a self imposed socially acceptable period of time. Very few pictures have the honor of being in the position of this picture. This picture will continue to live on for years...on our Facebook walls.


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